Hack without the Thon

This is a sprint, not a marathon. No all-nighter required.


Join fellow geeks at hack night and show-off your creativity and summer camp spirit. Form a team or work individually. You’ll have approximately 4 hours to build an app and develop your pitch. Judges will look for some working code and the sprout of cool idea.

Experts from Windows Azure and Twilio will be available to help you get started and answer your technical questions along the way.

When: Monday, August 13th at 7pm; prizes awarded at midnight
Where: Mess Hall

You bring:Your laptop (Mac or PC), mobile devices to test with (if that’s part of your entry)
We bring: power, internet, food/drink, music and technical experts

Entry categories include:

All participants will have the chance to earn cool swag, and winning teams will also receive a Sphero or Jambox. The super-secret judges panel will be announced at That Conference.

Keep it Legit. Generating ideas ahead of time is encouraged, but to keep things fair, please wait until hack night to create your environments and begin coding. We’re counting on your good nature and love of a fair-and-square challenge.

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